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Affective communication

Basic notions

I repeat for years that for a communication to be effective it needs to be affective. Perhaps in one of the situations where it can be seen in a forceful way, be it on the political plane.
The vote is totally emotional, it does not respond to reason. We vote for who we like the most and not so much for their ideas. But ask the followers of some candidate, something of the political platform of your party or group.
It is not only given in the politics of parties, but of any type of voting, as for example in a club or association. Wherever there is a choice, the balance will be tilted by issues that do not have as much to do with what has been said, but as it is said.
That's why the forms are fundamental, the treatment, the sympathy and the continence have a lot to do with the professional development of any person, but people do not choose us for mere academic aspects, but for others that have to do with many things. We judge in a bad way a doctor who treated us diligently and we even say that we will not go anymore, just because he was not as nice as we expected, even if his diagnosis was perfect. Besides, what do we know about medicine to start judging it, but in one way or another we do it.
In quality surveys of patient care one of the attributes with which they praise the professional is that he is a "sweet" person or that he is "a divine" person. Maybe because it is the only thing that can be evaluated by patients.
How much effort do we make to say things in an affective way? Are we capable of being more continents? The best thing is maybe we really feel affection for those people with whom we communicate ... but we are unable to let them know, to tell them that we want them


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To take into account
1.- Pre-inspect the place where we have to expose in order to familiarize ourselves with the place.

2.- Plan the movements that we are going to do. Practice them

3.- Verify if we have all the necessary elements: blackboard, markers, eraser, microphone, extension cords, projector, adapters, etc.

4.- Prepare the clothes we are going to use and do not do weird experiments that do not benefit us. Eg do not change hairstyle and wear comfortable clothes.

5.- Practice the beginning. It must be strong, important, if you can try to surprise the audience to get their attention. Do not leave this foundational moment left to chance. Plan it.

6.- If it's not funny, do not be funny. Use another creative path if not humor.

7.- Walk slowly towards the place where you should expose. Remember that silences are fundamental. Beginning with silence gives more importance to what you are going to say later.

8.- Avoid starting with crutches, try to eradicate them from your speech in general, but particularly at the beginning. Example: good ... esteeeee. Ok, nothing, what kind, etc.

9.- Do not stay immobile. Let their gestures help express what they say verbally.

10.- Do not cross arms, avoid blockages, hands behind the body and less in the pocket.

11.- Try that your hands and gestures explain the joy, the surprise, the restlessness, the security, the aggressiveness or the feeling that you want to transmit in your exhibition.

12.- The absence of gestures is worse than the absence of words. Mimes, for example, can communicate admirably emotions.

13.- Express yourself as you usually do. Do not dissemble tones or impose the voice making it seem forced. Be as natural as possible. You can not hold something fictitious.

14.- Avoid speaking in jargon, look for the appropriate language for your audience to understand. You must adapt your language to the audience. Replace the words you find difficult to pronounce, look for a synonym.

15.- The examples you say try to get rid of the audience.

16.- Evaluate what questions you can ask. Put yourself in counsel of the devil, look for buts to his exhibition.

17.- Never compete with noise coming from outside. Wait for silence to be made.

18.- If you use a resource, do not abuse the resource. You can not read the slides that you expose. They have to serve to exemplify or clarify a topic, the resource is for the concurrent not for the speaker.

19.- Prepare carefully the end of your exhibition. Do not improvise, people will notice it and will need the concurrency of luck. Plan the end

20.- Never lose sight of the final goal of your speech.


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Dr. Kulzer and Daniel Mongelli, exhibitors of the 32nd International Congress of the Argentine Circle of Dentistry

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In the city of Hialeah, for the group of Xiomer Navarro and Rhina Infante, we developed "Gestures in Communication". September 29, 2018


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Thanks to The Library of Congress. All his books now appear in the Library of the United States Congress. The most important in the country and one of the largest in the world.
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